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About Us

The story of Good & Evil Twins began in 2006. Our ambigrammist, Damian,

was awoken at his computer with the cryptic message on the screen,

"AMBIGRAMS F#$@**^# HAVE YOU!!!!" (enter Morpheus, stage left)

"I'm not sure if you are ready to see what I have to show you, but we have

run out of time," says Morpheus, in his intense Morpheussey sort of way.

"L. Fishburne? What, what are you doing in my room? Dude. I mean,

. . . what?" asked Damian the Good Twin.

"Let me tell you why I'm here, "Morpheus continues, " You know

something.You've felt it your entire life that there's something

wrong with "the words". You don't know what it is, but it's there.

You feel that words are lazy. They should be doing something

more. Words can/should flip, reflect, . . . something! Like a

splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling, making

you draw words upside down that has brought me to you. Do you

know what I'm talking about?"

"Wow, Laurence Fishburne, in my room! So cool! The L-Fish, here in my

room, randomly spouting nonsence. I love it!" said Damian like a cool

Justin Beiber (not like Justin Beiber, but like a cool Biebs)

"Focus dude," said Morpheus, "Do you know wh-. . . never mind, it's

ambigrams. I'm talking about ambigrams!" Morpheus stopped himself

short of losing control and calmly continued, "Do you want to know what it is?"

"I want you to show me," sang Damian, the Evil Twin, in the style of sexy


Morpheus sat in disbelief for a moment mumbling under his breath,

"This is The One? . . . the ambigramming One?" Then he continued,

"Ambigrams are everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this

very room. You can see them when you look out your window, or

turn on your television. You can feel it when, wh . . ." "It's everywhere?"

asked Damian, "It's like in your butt, Morpheus?"

"Ohhhhhhhh, . . .damn it," said Laurence Fishburne (he had broken

character out of frustration at this point, "Just take the fuckin' red pill.

I'm outta here."


Damian Lakey

Damian is the lead ambigrammer. He makes 2-5 ambigrams a day, obsessing over every name or word he comes across each day. We liken him to rainman around here because of his freakish relationship with words. The difference is, he can't count to ten without complaining of a headache, and although he's socially awkward and prone to fits of hysteria, when things don't go to plan, like rainman, he's actually more of a liability at a blackjack table.

I hope you've seen Rainman. Otherwise, you probably haven't learned a thing about Damian from this description. And also, it's a good movie.


Mandala Lakey

Mandala won a groundbreaking discrimination case against The Good & Evil Twins to become the first woman to not only work for this company but to eventually become a full partner. Until her victory for civil rights, only Lakey Twins had ever held a post of any kind within this company.

On the other hand, it has been widely rumored that Mandala's meteoric rise within the company could be attributed to her relationship with Damian, her husband, the ______ twin. There are currently 9 pending lawsuits, citing nepotism, between the three CEOs of Good & Evil Twins. So far no one outside the partnership seems to give a SH#!&