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Welcome to Good and Evil Twins!

We hope to make you smile and laugh as we introduce you to the world of ambigrams!
We promise to keep the site entertaining with new products and sappy jokes.
Please continue to check in with Good and Evil Twins!

Ambigrams in the I-Hate-Trump Era


We have two ambigrams in honor of the impending, if never actually happening, impeachment of Donnie Punkass.

The design on the left is a rotional ambigram, simply reading, "Please Impeach President Trump". 

The gif on the right reads, "Make America Great Again", and turns into, "Trump Must Not Mean All of Us". 


Van Gogh said that art comes from pain, and great art comes from great pain. I may not ever have become a

great artist. All I know is, my political anxiety certainly inspires a covfefe load of anti-Trump ambigrams! 






"Tattoo" Ambigram Tattoo Design


The world's first and finest, "Tattoo" Tattoo Design!! Although this is just a silly

idea we had, we hope someone actually, permanently represents in total awesomeness,

by getting a tattoo that reads, "Tattoo". It would also be a great shout out to the Tattoo

from Fantasy Island. That dude was cool.










Doing it Real Bigly!


"Pokemon Go!/ I Do Not Get It"



Just a little ambigram fun with the oh so adorable Donald Trump :)

**Try not to take this, or him, too seriously. 


"Trump / Douche"

This felt like some low hanging fruit. While making the ambigram, I had this feeling that, "Trump" just wanted to be turned into, "douche".
























"Dumb Fucking Trump"

I don't imagine this needs too much in the way of explanation :)












"Trump the Intolerant"
















"Donald Trump/Small Hands"

This is something I saw on a John Oliver clip on youtube. Apparently, a reporter made reference to Donald Trump's small hands, and it really got under his skin @:) (this is a "wild hair" Donald Trump smiley face emoji btw We take pride in our willful ignorance here at I am the Head Writer and Lead Fact Checker for the website, and I am not much of a multi-tasker @:) So I don't know if this story is true or not, but it made me smile anyway.








"Trump Dwarf"


****Check out the Gallery for a couple of new ambigrams!

Wikipedia's definition of "ambigram"