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Welcome to Good and Evil Twins!

We hope to make you smile and laugh as we introduce you to the world of ambigrams!
We promise to keep the site entertaining with new products and sappy jokes.
Please continue to check in with Good and Evil Twins!

And the Winner is . . .

Good & Evil Twins! We joined in on some ambigramming fun with Ambigram Magazine's, Tournament 3

Challenge. The category was, "media franchises", which was ripe with possible ambigrams. We flooded them

with entrees, but the winner was lucy number 13 which happened to be, "Friday the 13th" :)

 Click the link below to check out their website. It's a great place for ambigram enthusiasts. This is one of the

best sites for people eager to learn about the technical approach to developing an ambigram. They have had a couple

of articles and ambigrams with nicely insightful descriptions of choices and compromises an ambigrammist makes

to craft an individual glyph. If you have ever wanted to make an ambigram, but thought it too difficult, check out this


They will be hosting an ambigram tournament every month, and we will certainly be returning to defend our title of "Omni-Ambigramming-

King-of-the-Universe" (*this is a self proclaimed title :)



Click here to see the results of this Tournament at Ambigram Magazine


"humboldt county" Ambigram Zip Hoodies &

"Humboldt/Redwoods" Heather Grey T-Shirts

 Now available at Schatzi's Hidden Treasures!


The Ambigram Guitar 


I have been adding the occasional ambigram sticker to my guitar for years, and I recently thought I may as well cover the thing. Carnegie Hall isn't calling anytime soon. And if they do, "I'll turn them on their head"! (ambigram joke . . . sorry)

The First Beeeeaaaattch! 


Crosby, Stills & Nash, Colin Hay, Trump Dwarf (technically not a great guitarist :), guitar, Eric Clapton and James Taylor. I started by checking out some internet top 100 lists, but ultimately the guitar will be covered with whichever artist I happen to notice or artists with ambigram friendly names. SISFL (sorry I'm so f*%^*ing lazy), but it looks like it will take a lot of stickers to completely cover a guitar :)

The Next Episode 


The Jimi "Hendrix Experience", Slash, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell "A Case of You", Beth Hart & John Lennon. I really like the "Slash" chain ambigram and "Hendrix Experience" had some happy ambigram accidents mixed in there. I continue to add ambigrams to the guitar and feel free to message us on facebook if you think your favorite guitarist deserves a spot on the guitar.


"California" Ambigram T-Shirt



The facebook Drama Award


Please use the award responsibly :)



The Fanduel logo just begs to become an ambigram.

So here it is. Hopefully they will contact us and make

us an offer. Life has become too normal lately. We

could always use a good online gambling addiction ;)  

 David Bowie Ambigram


For the late, great David Bowie. We have been known to sing the crap out of "Space Oddity"

in the midst of a karaoke fit of humility:) Maybe an ambigram will make up for torching that

beautiful trippy song. 

Harry Potter Book Mark



Trump Dwarf


Whoever said that Trump wasn't cute, never saw this :)


The Daily Ambigram

We are making ambigrams daily, but it is usually for a custom hoody or t shirt, or our next line of "Humboldt County"

clothing. But everyday we come across these beautifully ambigramable words, and we just don't have the time in the day

to make them all. But it's too bad, these cooperative words make for the best ambigrams. Here's a bit of strange example of this :/ 



****Check out the Gallery for a couple of new ambigrams!

Wikipedia's definition of "ambigram"


Here  we  find  Bubba  setting  up  our  tent  for  a  festival.  Check  out our

"Upcoming Events" page, we are attending festivals almost every weekend

this  summer.  When we are not at a festival our products are always found

online  and  in  the  Silver Lining Gift Shop at the Arcata/Eureka Airport in

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