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Welcome to Good and Evil Twins!

We hope to make you smile and laugh as we introduce you to the world of ambigrams!
We promise to keep the site entertaining with new products and sappy jokes.
Please continue to check in with Good and Evil Twins!

Bring Out the Big Guns!!

"Gunshow" Ambigram Tank Tops




Coming Soon! Our New Generic Festival Shirt!


We often show up to festivals and are asked the question, "Do you have shirts for this festival." Unfortunately, it is not cost effective for us to order graphics for every event we attend. We wish we could. But we simply cannot.

So we put together our three headed thinktank, and came up with a Good & Evil Twins style solution: Take a serious problem, and solve it with sarcasm and ridiculousness. And. . . BOOOOM! Problem solved.

We introduce, sorta proudly, the "Generic Festival Shirt"! This shirt has every feature you would ever want from a piece of memorabilia bought at a local festival:

1). A Good & Evil Twins: logo and an awe inspiring, "Festival" ambigram.

2). White boxes to write in the name and year of the festival.


Boom. You are welcome.

"Save Water/Drink Milk" Onesies!



Another light hearted joke for our eco friendly friends. Pick up a onesie for your little bundle of joy, and proudly announce, "My baby is not

one of those water wasting-earth polluting-oil consuming babies!"




"Doggy Style" Doggy Tank Top


Hopefully, if you are visiting our website frequently, your sensibilities are as out of whack as ours ;) We're always hoping to make you smile, and fall somewhere just this side of offensive :) This item is no different, our "Doggy Style" Dog Tanks are cute, but so far my lovely wife/accounting dept/marketing dept/co-owner/sales rep has been too shy to put them on display at the festivals :)

I personally do not understand the problem. They're cute. In text ,under or over the design, reads, "Give your doggy the gift of style!" Now what can possibly be misinterpreted there?





"Return to Zero" Band Ambigram


We were recently commissioned to create an ambigram for Return to Zero. It proved to be a tough design to pull off, but we are very excited with the final version of the design. Any phrase with a "Z" will be problematic, by lucky for us they already had a great logo, (the logo in the middle was created by another designer) so this gave us the option to create a chain ambigram. We hope you like what you see here, and don't forget to check out the band and LIKE their facebook page!

RETURN to ZERO on facebook



The Daily Ambigram

We are making ambigrams daily, but it is usually for a custom hoody or t shirt, or our next line of "Humboldt County" clothing. But everyday we come across these beautifully ambigramable words, and we just don't have the time in the day to make them all. But it's too bad, these cooperative words make for the best ambigrams. Here's a great example, my good twin tells me 2 or 3 three words a day that make for a good flip. The last one was "Lethal", and because it fell on a particularly insomiatic night, I made it :) And look . . . it's beautiful.

****Check out the Gallery for a couple of new ambigrams!

Wikipedia's definition of "ambigram"


Here  we  find  Bubba  setting  up  our  tent  for  a  festival.  Check  out our

"Upcoming Events" page, we are attending festivals almost every weekend

this  summer.  When we are not at a festival our products are always found

online  and  in  the  Silver Lining Gift Shop at the Arcata/Eureka Airport in

McKinleyville. (707) 839-1906.